Many Ways to use Shipping Containers Va

Aside from the conventional usage of storing large or small items, storage containers also have many

applications such as refrigerated storage and not to mention modifications to make an ecologically

friendly/ green home (frequently out of two or three containers).

Storage Containers


At CCS in Va, we specialize in helping our clients choose

the type of equipment that's right for

their requirements. The ability to ship anywhere in our world merged with

professional customer service help make

the CCS experience exceptional.

Make sure to give Bill

Garvey a ring at 757-494-8150 with any queries you may have- chances are

high, our greater than 3 decades of know-how in the business will allow our company to recommend the most recommended storage container choice when it comes to your desires!

Shipping Containers Va and the CCS Difference

You really need to employ our

knowledge to make certain that

you get a container which is

in good condition for your requirements and is anything

but being an eyesore. Anytime you do business

with the best, there isn't any concerns about a dented, oxidized or

leaking unit- we do not do

the job like that. We do not desire to stake our reputation on a damaged

not to mention unsightly container!

A lot of people employ

our units for one time

transfer and

decide to keep their unit close by to store their

items semi-permanantly. Hobbies and interests like working on cars are

made easy using containers wired for electric service- you do not even need a garage!

Modification with electricity is available to have power for

lamps as well as electric warmers.

Shipping Containers Virginia

Another use is a full

transformation into a residence.

It's so much more affordable to put together a home in this way compared to new development. To give 1

illustration in pop culture, the leading character in Tron: Legacy has constructed his

home from several containers.

Shipping Containers Virginia and Clever


Thinking out side the proverbial "box" is what we do at CCS- in fact, we've been

providing shipping containers Virginia

residents for unique projects in

excess of 30 years.


(757) 494- 8150 and ask Bill if he is able to assist you to

solve your unique problem of storage or transportation!

On top of employing storage containers for an

actual residence, a lot of folks literally

put their full life in one of these. Those who journey on a consistent basis, for example, can

store the lion's share of their personal effects in the storage container then simply have it freighted to their new location whenever it's time to move. Signing on with a moving company numerous times per year isn't

convenient as well as expensive, this choice definitely

is excellent for people in this situation!

Consolidated Container Systems, located in Va

Beach, can offer these storage/ shipping/ cargo


Flat Racks

20 Foot

40 Foot


Refrigerated Storage Containers

Shipping Containers Virginia and

Remaining Cool

If you happen to

run a restaurant or otherwise require climate

controlled storage, Consolidated Container Systems has got what you're looking for.

At a fraction of the asking

price of new building, a climate controlled cargo container is really a fiscally responsible option.

In reality, any business

which needs refrigeration will find

this approach attractive. You do

not always have time, assets or interest to add a new

permanent building at the site, which will make it an especially attractive choice when it comes to fiscally cautious business folks.

One more of the most common uses for a container is in the capacity of a portable office space which can be moved from site to

site. Which is most often the situation

with construction

companies that may habe need for an office that is easily

portable to use on the next location.

Of course,

this just scratches the surface of what

can be carried out, so

we would love to have you phone our staff here at 757-494-8150. Storage containers Va

locals require are quickly provided

by CCS!

It is our hope that, our

commentary has helped to give you a little bit of basic details on cargo containers Va vicinity

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